Chipping should be placed at curbside on your bulk day. Depending on your street, that is the first, second, third or fourth Wednesday of every month. Please refer to the Street Index for your bulk day.

In general, brush put out for the chipper is collected once per month, although we attempt to make additional collections as time permits. Brush should be placed at curbside on your bulk day and will be collected by Friday of that week depending on the volume out for that area. Your bulk Wednesday is the beginning date for your area, not necessarily the date on which the chipper will be on your street. It may take 2 or 3 days to complete the entire route depending on the volume of chipping for that month. Once the chipper completes operations on your particular street, it will not return until the following month. Therefore, please have material curbside by 7:00A.M. on the start date for your area.

Due to the nature of the work and the amount other residents have placed curbside, it is difficult to predict the exact date for your individual street. To determine if the chipper has already been through an area, residents may call 609-371-7152. Residents who use contractors should schedule them appropriately or require them to remove the material. Only chipping originating from a residence will be collected. Contractors may not deposit waste from another location at the curb.

The Township's chipping equipment will take limbs or branches from " to 6" in diameter and any length. It is no longer required to cut chipping into short lengths. Chipping should be left as long as possible. This will save residents extra work and collection crews time when collecting the chipping.

Please allow us to remind you of some points to assist us in providing chipping service;

  • Chipping should be left in long straight pieces. There is no maximum length.

  • Chipping should be placed between the side walk and curb. Not on sidewalks or roadways.

  • Chipping should be placed with the butt (thickest) end to the left when observed from the road looking toward your home. Piles should be placed with branches laid parallel and not tangled in heaps.

  • Vines, briars, thorns and other vegetative waste with stem size less than 1/2" in diameter or less than 3' in length should be tied and bundled and placed out with household trash. Do not mix any hazardous vegetation such as poison ivy or fire thorns with your chipping. These may be bagged and put with household trash.

  • Roots, brush with heavy dirt, stumps, wood over 6" in diameter and sawn wood of any kind are for bulk pick-up. They must be stacked separate from chipping and packaged in single pieces cut to weights of under 50 pounds or tied in bundles of under 50 pounds.

  • Chipping may not be mixed with any other type of trash, leaves, or bulk.

  • Please do not block fire hydrants or sidewalks with chipping materials.

  • Public Works will not pick-up any chipping that is improperly put at curbside or contains non-chipping items.

Any Township resident interesting in obtaining wood chips may contact our office at 609-371-7152. Chips are delivered within the Township by the truck load only. Smaller quantities may be picked up at our Ward Street facility. There is no charge for chips and distribution is made on a first come first serve basis.

All residents should advise contractors that they are responsible to comply with Township schedules for collection. Contractors are only permitted to place waste generated from the residence where it originates at the curb for collection and only on appropriate collection days. Any other waste must be removed by the contractor and disposed of properly by the contractor.


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