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The word "mentor" is defined by Webster's Dictionary as "a friend or sage advisor."

A mentor is an excellent role to be filled by a Gran-Pal.  Mentoring provides older Americans the opportunity to put their life experiences to work in the local community by volunteering at local schools.

Gran-Pals give of themselves every week.  They are busy, but never too busy to provide their time and energies to children.

All children have special needs and greatly appreciate the love and attention they receive.  The service and kindness of a Gran-Pal fosters a bond in the hearts of children.

Mentors create a sense of permanence in the world of learning.  gran-Pals are patient, loving, caring, interested, willing, and able to make time for children.

Being a mentor is different from being a teacher.  You are not simply transmitting skills.  You are firing children's imagination, growing their ambition, guiding them in solving problems and giving them a sense of their own self worth.

Gran-Pals help assist children with any needs suggested by the child's teacher, such as working on improving reading skills, social skills, temperament, or behavior.  Their efforts enhance a child's physical development and improve the child's self esteem.  Gran-Pals serve children as invaluable role models.

Gran-Pals can inspire children to fulfill their once-of-a-kind potential by accenting the positive and focusing on children's strengths rather than on their weaknesses.

Gran-Pals have patience that is usually only learned through the years.  Gran-Pals are often nonjudgmental and accepting of mistakes.

By being a Gran-Pal you can give children a lifelong legacy of love and learning.

The relationships built between mentors and children are the major benefits, which cannot be measured monetarily.

Gran-Pals who participate in the program receive many benefits, including a healthier lifestyle by being active in the community.

The Gran-Pal program is an innovative program sponsored by East Windsor Township Mayor and Council through its Commission on Aging and in cooperation with the East Windsor Regional School District.

The East Windsor Township Senior Center is a community focal point where older persons can come together for services and activities which enhance their dignity, support their independence and encourage their involvement in and with the community.

If you are interested in becoming a Gran-Pal, please contact Dina Leacock at the East Windsor Township Senior Center, 40 Lanning Boulevard, at (609) 371-7192.


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